TINKERLAB is a popular art and creativity website visited by thousands of readers every month, from all over the world, and followed by over 300K visitors on social media. The website offers easy kids art activities and STEAM projects – all in the spirit of exploration, experimentation, and play.

Rachelle, its founder, has been creating art with kids since 2000. In 2010 she started the TinkerLab website, as a place to share discoveries and observations with other parents, caregivers, and educators.

In 2014, Rachelle wrote her first book. Two more followed, and TinkerLab has since expanded to beyond a blog and books to include ebooks, online courses, and the popular Schoolhouse Kids Art and Creativity Club.

TinkerLab has been featured in Real Simple magazine, Family Fun magazine, Publisher’s Weekly, Americans for the Arts, Washington Post, Visual Thinking Strategies, PBS Parents, Apartment Therapy, ABC Bay Area Life, and Palo Alto Online.


Making art should be fun and easy. TinkerLab activities are:

  • Fun for kids
  • Easy to set up
  • Child-led
  • Open-ended
  • Process-driven
  • Well tested by kids, over and over again

Rachelle has been making art since childhood, and practices open-ended making with her own children and the children she teaches. TinkerLab also features other playful, creative projects (that might be more crafty) as well, in an effort to create multiple entry points into hands-on making. Makers enter our world at all levels of curiosity and expertise, and we believe everyone should feel comfortable creating.


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