Rachelle Doorley, Maker & Educator

Hi, I’m Rachelle Doorley—an arts educator and the driving force behind TinkerLab—a beloved resource empowering parents and educators worldwide to foster creativity, exploration, and hands-on learning in children.

Drawing from a diverse background in arts education and museum programming, I offer a unique blend of expertise spanning the realms of art, science, and tinkering. My published works, including “TinkerLab: A Hands-On Guide for Little Inventors” and “TinkerLab Art Starts,” provide practical guidance and inspiring project ideas designed to nurture creativity across all age groups.

My unwavering dedication to accessible and enjoyable learning experiences has positioned me as a leading figure in early childhood education and creativity education.

Through TinkerLab and my published works, I strive to inspire individuals of all ages to embrace creativity, learning, and innovation.

I hold a Masters of Education (EdM) in Arts Education from Harvard and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Theater Design from UCLA, reflecting my commitment to interdisciplinary learning and fostering creative expression.